Friday, October 24, 2014

Ancient DNA matches in FamilyTreeDNA

FamilyTreeDNA has allowed to upload V3 files from 23andMe for free through their Autosomal Transfer. Meanwhile, I was genotyping ancient DNA samples from sequence reads uploaded by researchers. I also uploaded all files that has more SNPs than 23andMe V4 to GEDMatch. Interestingly, some ancient DNA samples like ClovisAnzick, LBK and Loschbour had matches with people living today in GEDMatch. I had blogged about this in the past month. Ancient DNA samples Altai Neanderthal, Clovis Anzick, Denisova, Hinxton-4, Linearbandkeramik, Loschbour and Palaeo Eskimo had significant V3 SNPs making it compatible with FamilyTreeDNA. I took advantage of the Autosomal Transfer and uploaded them. Out of all the uploads, 3 had matches.

Clovis Anzick

The genome sequence of a male infant (Anzick-1) recovered from the Anzick burial site in western Montana which is estimated by the authors as 12500 years old.

Matches for Clovis Anzick

Top Match for Clovis Anzick
I forgot to use the reference URL to unlock while uploading other kits, hence 41 more matches are still locked.


Genome sequence of a ~7,500 year old early farmer from the Linearbandkeramik (LBK) culture from Stuttgart in Germany.

Matches for LBK

Top Match for LBK
I forgot to use the reference URL to unlock while uploading other kits, hence 3 more matches are still locked.


Genome sequence of a ~8,000 year old skeleton from the Loschbour rock shelter in Heffingen, Luxembourg

Matches for Loschbour

Top Match for Loschbour

What's next?

I had requested a Ancient DNA group project which gives an opportunity for existing admins and co-admins who are interested to manage the project and kits who match who are interested can join which helps to better understand the ancient world. I had blurred the matches because, these matches are not open to anyone in FamilyTreeDNA. Hence, to respect privacy, I had to hide it. I am eagerly waiting for this project to get approved which helps to bring all ancient DNA matches closer and analyze further.

FTDNA AutosomalTransfer Links:

If you have done 23andMe V3 chip test and want to transfer for free to FTDNA, please use the below links to transfer as this will help me unlock all the matches without cost for me.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hinxton-4 has X-Matches with living people

After batch processing for Hinxton-4 ancient DNA sample is complete in GEDMatch, I noticed it has matches with living people in X-Chromosome.

Taking a closer look at the first match with 500 SNPs / 5 cM with no errors, it is a solid match.

Closer look at X

Interesting to see how ancient DNA matches living people. Hinxton-4 is said to be 2500-1800 years old. Can X-Chromosome segment with 500 SNPs / 5 cM match after 2000 years?

For a detailed analysis, please visit: Hinxton-4 DNA Analysis

Hinxton5 Ancient DNA Analysis

Hinxton5 is uploaded to GEDMatch as kit# F999926. More info on this sample can be found here.


Admixture: MDLP
Sample admixture from MDLP, you can look for other admixtures like Dodecad, Eurogenes, Harappaworld from GEDMatch using the kit number F999926.

Eye Color

Eye Color for Hinxton5


The telomere length of 0.756 suggests she is in her extreme old age, probably in her 100s.

Telomere length of 0.756 relates to age above 100.
(Image adapted from

Runs of Homozygosity

RoH reveals Hinxton5's parents were half-siblings.


The Mt-Haplogroup is H2a2a1

Let me know what you find.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Hinxton-4 DNA Analysis

I was processing the Hinxton-4 over the last few days and I am finally able to complete it today. I am happy to say it did had enough SNPs to upload to GEDMatch and I uploaded it as kit# F999925.


MDLP K23b for Hinxton-4

Dodecad V3 for Hinxton-4

Eurogenes K13 for Hinxton-4

Runs of Homozygosity

RoH reveals the parents of Hinxton-4 are not related in his genealogical timeframe.

Eye Color


The average length of telomere length from all runs is 2.24 kb, which means, Hinxton-4 died around the age 55.

Telomere length of 2.24 relates to age ~55
(Image adapted from


Mitochondria haplogroup is H1ag1


Y-Haplogroup is R1b1a2a1a2c1g2a1 (R-DF25).

The kit# F999925 is available for 1-to-1 comparison. Please wait for a couple of days before doing 1-to-many comparison.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ajvide58 DNA Analysis

The authors had generated between 0.01 to 2.2-fold genome wide coverage for 6 neolithic hunter-gathers from pitted ware culture, 4 neolithic farmers from funnel beaker culture and 1 late Mesolithic hunter-gatherer. I converted the raw data of Ajvide58 from Pitted Ware Culture excavated in Sweden into formats familiar to genetic genealogists and uploaded here. I also filtered with SNPs tested by DNA testing companies like FTDNA, 23andMe and Ancestry in order to upload to GEDMatch as kit# F999924. The kit is tokenized and available for 1-to-1 comparision. Please wait a couple of days before checking for 1-to-many matches.

Admixture results

MDLP K23b Admixture Calculator

Dodecad V3 Admixture Calculator

Eurogenes K13 Admixture Calculator

Eye Color

Runs of Homozygosity

RoH reveals the the parents of Ajvide58 are 3rd cousins.


The average length of telomere from all runs reveal it had 3.0857 which means the Ajvide58 died around the age of 35.

Telomere length of 3.057 kb relates to age 35.


Mitochondria haplogroup is U4d.


The Y-Haplogroup is I-CTS772.